July 22, 2014

Erich Von Daniken's Chariots of the Gods to be Rebooted ?

I have just read Loren Coleman's new post -
Chariots of the Gods Screenwriter John Fasano, 52, Dies
where he writes about the death of John Fasano 
John Fasano  making the sign of the monolith ?

who was in the midst of adapting Erich Von Daniken's 
Chariots of the Gods 
into a major motion picture.
This is the first time I have heard about the "Chariots of the Gods"  reboot,
and it strikes me as a little creepy that "Chariots of the Gods" was the next movie I had planned to watch on my computer tonight.
I have a stack of my favourite DVDs sitting in a bookshelf next to my computer and only just realized the other day that I could watch them on my computer,as it has a hidden CD slot on the side,which I had forgotten about until last weekend.
I knew it played music CDs,but I didn't realize it played movies as well until I put one in to see if it would last weekend.
I have only just started watching movies on my computer and so far I have only watched "Infinity" and "The Tree of Life" (last night),
but was planning on watching "Chariots of the Gods"next,hopefully tonight.Then I see this post of Loren Coleman's this morning.Weird !
I was in the middle of writing my next post about an experience I had about making pancakes on the weekend and these cards jokingly synching with that task.
I also noticed apart from the space imagery on the  front of the deck,that on the back it states "printed on 52 high-quality cards".
What age did  John Fasano  pass away at ?

July 19, 2014

Time is Art: Synchroncity & the Collective Dream.

Time is Art is an artful, meditative documentary exploring synchronicity as a portal to a new reality, “helping to see with our hearts what was once invisible.” Co-created by a husband and wife team, Joel Mejia and Katy Walker, the movie has since expanded to include writer Jennifer Palmer and co-producer Maia Monasterios.
Time is Art: Synchroncity & the Collective Dream
This campaign started on Jul 15 and will close on August 17, 2014 (11:59pm PT).

July 16, 2014

42 Minutes:Episode 144: John Maguire.

07.08.14 Episode 144: John Maguire Q-Niverse
Visit: jmag0904.wordpress.com
Topics: True Love, Tom Campbell, Nature Is Language, Read The Book, Self Organization, ET & IT, Kuhn, Spooky Action & Spooky Mulder, Synchromysticism, Orgone, Science, Magic, & Myth.

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