" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 21, 2016

Felicity Jones, the Girl with the Green (Alien?-) Eyes

From a biological point of view green eyes intrigue me now, not because of the "people with green eyes are alien hybrids" point of view, because I have them myself, but from the fact that only about "2% of the world population have green eyes", point of view.
I'm used to being in a minority, but having green eyes puts me in a minority within a minority, I guess, which intrigues me about the green eyes thing.
I guess there is a theory for everything on this planet, but I'm not interested in theories, only the truth.
I noticed that Felicity Jones (no relation to Bowie, I think) had green eyes when I went to see the movie 'Inferno' (don't ask me why).

All you see in 'Inferno' are close ups of her green eyes for some reason...well that's about all I took away from this movie, while I could stay awake.
But then the director of that movie has a daughter with green eyes, so what do you expect?-)

Bryce Dallas Howard

I do have to admit Felicity's eyes are quite attractive, but that is just probably the alien side of my genes talking to me;-) 
I've always had a fascination for blue eyes myself...grass is always greener?-)   
But I thought it was ironic that Felicity is the main character in the new 'Star Wars' spin off and she has green eyes.
Green Eyes, a Marker of Alien Hybridity?!
I guess the truth is out there...once you get past all of those theories;-)   
Red hair, green eyes and being male: the odds are very low
Well, I think it is wicked that I don't have red hair, at least;-)
And Eddie has green eyes as well
Where did Kate Middleton get those peepers?

I'll actually be kind of glad if we can get a green eye-con to be queen one day;-) 

2016: Heroes, Anti-Heroes, Football, Music and Movies

I wrote a post at the beginning of 2016 just after David Bowie passed away about Blair Walsh the Minnesota Vikings player born on David Bowie's birth-date (January 8th) and missing a kick in front of the sticks on the day Bowie passed away (January 10th, 2016) giving the team I support in the NFL (Seattle Seahawks) a victory.
Seattle Seahawks
Blair Walsh: Anti-Hero on the Day Bowie Dies?
I didn't think things could get much weirder than that in 2016, but as far as football, heroes, music, anti-heroes and movies go they certainly did. 

Blair Walsh Lived A Kicker's Nightmare

Blair Walsh Minnesota Vikings kicker
Here is the kicker (so to speak), the team I support and have been a life member of since the 80's in the NRL are the 

Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks who at one time bought the rights to the Bowie song 'Heroes' (see the You Tube at the top of this post).
 "At the height of Super League, the Sharks bought the song rights to play David Bowie’s hit: “We Can Be Heroes’’.
Gow adds: “I would love that song to be played again, because it was very appropriate for the Sharks." 
I've been a follower of the Seahawks since the late 80s, when my ex-brother-in-law who was living in Vancouver for six months bought me home a Seatle Seahawks jumper.
I didn't even think they were a real team when he gave me the jumper, but I read up about the team and found out they were a real underdog team like my Sharks, so I adopted them as my team and until recently thought both teams would never win a final trophy in my lifetime.
But the Seahawks won their first one in 2014 and the Year Bowie passed away (2016) was the year the Sharks won there first ever NRL grand final.
One day is all it takes to be heroes, as Bowie would say;-)
Released 23 September 1977

The Sharks would beat the Cowboys on September 23 to make it to the grand final against the purple team, the Melbourne Storm and then win their first ever grand I wrote above, the same year Bowie passes away, 2016.
My Happiest Birthday Ever
The weekend I went down to see my team the Sharks play the viking mascot-ed Raiders in Canberra I heard on the news down there that the Purple one from Minnesota had passed away in 2016 also. 
Sometimes It Snows In April
Prince watching the purple (Minnesota Vikings) ones play
The Melbourne Storm, the purple ones?
The Sharks would win their first ever NRL grand final by defeating the purple ones, the Melbourne Storm in the 2016 NRL grand final. 

The Melbourne Storm playing with a Superman logo
Ironically, in 2013 the Storm would wear the Superman logo in a one off film promotion for the release of the 'Man of Steel' movie and they would smash my team the Sharks that night.
Melbourne Storm celebrate 'Man of Steel' with limited edition Superman jersey
"Metropolis comes to Melbourne at AAMI Park on Sunday night against Cronulla Sharks, when Melbourne Storm celebrates the Australian release of the Super Hero film Man of Steel on 27 June, 2013.
The game has been named No Ordinary Match and as part of the theme the team will wear a specially designed Superman jersey."

Prince wrote a soundtrack for one of the Batman films and I thought it was ironic that I had just caught  
'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' for the second time that week the day before Prince passed away.
SPOILER ALERT: A film in which Superman passes away.
The Canberra Raiders would make it to the semi-final this year only to be beaten by the Melbourne Storm by the same score line that the Sharks would beat the Storm by in the 2016 NRL grand final a little over a week later - 14 points to 12.
Vikings plan huge Prince tribute in stadium opener
"The Minnesota Vikings are going all out for the grand opening of U.S. Bank Stadium.
The centerpiece of the night will remain the game, of course, a huge Sunday Night Football matchup against the hated Packers to be played in front of Al, Cris and the world. 
But the Vikings are giving the expected 66,000-plus fans in attendance more bang for their buck to celebrate the occasion.
According to the Star Tribune, the festivities will include DJ Skee (I'm not familiar with his work), an Icelandic soccer captain, Mountain from Game of Thrones (why not?), the Minnesota Orchestra, and an elaborate tribute to Prince.
How big a deal is this to the Vikings

They successfully petitioned the league to get an extra minute added to halftime to facilitate all the moving parts for their show. 
The Minnesota Orchestra will take the field during the break, a collective of 70 different musicians. 
A group of 215 volunteers will make sure the field in cleared in time for the scheduled start of the second half.
The Iceland soccer star is Aron Gunnarsson (great name), who we surmise will take part in the new "Vikings Skol Chant", a take-off of the "Vikings War Chant" we saw this summer when the Icelandic soccer team returned home from an inspired run at the Euro Cup. 

See below:"
I can only say that 2016 has been a super synchy year for sporting heroes, super hero movies and super stars of music...well, for me anyway.
 Hollywood couldn't even write this stuff.

October 20, 2016

New Castle? See Change?

A sign (?) for me on a walk to a lighthouse in Newcastle, NSW
A rat?! Yes, there is vermin out there alright, trust me
That sign I saw in Newcastle just about sums up my life at the moment, apart from bicycles maybe, and sums up well my 2016 in a metaphorical sense.

2016? Need a new castle?

Fort Scratchley

As I wrote in my last post -
My Observations of Time and Space in Port Macquarie 
that I decided to check out an Australian town that I have bypassed on my last two road-trips, Newcastle.
Newcastle's East End and Hunter Street
The main reason I wanted to visit Newcastle was one, to drive down the main street of Newcastle (Hunter Street) made famous in the hit song from my youth. 
""The Newcastle Song" was a 1975 hit for musician and comedian Bob Hudson. It poked fun at the working-class youth culture of the City of Newcastle in NSW."
Well, I like to think old school is cool anyway
And two, to check out the beaches of Newcastle I've heard so much about over the years.

Overlooking Nobby's Beach in Newcastle to a tanker on the horizon
So like the Newcastle Song advises, "don't you ever let a chance go by". 
A weird Newcastle building. Tower of Babel? Bloody big flower pot?
They say, "a man's home is his castle" and since my divorce and having to sell my castle and move into rented accommodation, I've felt like a man without a real castle.

And with the rent being bumped up when I have to sign my new lease, it's time for me to move once more before the year is out, so I feel rather like those people on the above #16 tarot card tumbling out of their castle/tower.
Speaking of landlords bumping up the rent when they think they have you
I also thought it was quite a coincidence that as I was piecing this post together I decided to go through the Rune Soup podcast archive and found a podcast where Gordon interviews his mother at Christmas time. 

Gordon's mother was living in Newcastle when he was interviewing her from London in the above podcast and at around the 23 and a half minute mark Gordon recounts a Christmas while living in Newcastle where his mother had to defend him from a really big rat.
After my walk out to the lighthouse I can easily believe that one.
Funny thing is that I have never seen a live rat ever before in my life, apart from people with pet rats.
I've seen plenty of mice running around in my life, but never a rat, until my walk on the beach in Newcastle.
A blue tongue lizard deciding to take a walk, as well.
But there is more than rats out there.

I wondered why so many people taking this walk were wearing hoodies with the hoods up.
I thought that maybe it was just a Newcastle fashion thing, until I got the the point in the walk pictured above and got blasted by shifting sands and high winds, just like the sign advised.
I had to remove the hat off my head and cover the left side of my face as I walked out to the lighthouse in order to stop the stinging sand hitting that side of my head.
I looked back to Fort Scratchley and couldn't believe how far I had walked, but when I looked to the lighthouse I couldn't believe how far I still had to walk.
I thought to myself that this lighthouse better be worth the walk when I get to it.
And while it was a fairly pleasant walk looking out at the choppy harbour and reading a bit of Newcastle history along the way
when I finally reached the lighthouse I found a sign on the gate telling me that it's only open on Sundays. 
I noticed that the path continued on around the back of the lighthouse, so I went to take a look and see where it led me.
Then I saw this warning sign below.
The beach at the back of this lighthouse is fantastic and the best one I came across in my few hours in Newcastle that day.
 But don't go sunbathing too close to those cliffs.
The path continued on well past the lighthouse though and I thought I could see something at the end of it that may be worth a look, so out I walked.
And out there I came across some fantastic artworks.
I particularly liked this artwork and that spiral pattern on the bottle reminded me of another drink container I saw once in a movie -
The Secret of 'The Revenant'
And just to prove to me that it's the journey that's more important than the destination, when I got to my destination, it was locked.
Probably good that I didn't know the lighthouse was closed and this thing above was locked, because I probably wouldn't have bothered taking this walk and I would have missed some great art...and a live rat.
And I've never seen tracks in the sand quite like I did on this walk in Newcastle.
On the right track?
And while my ship my have not come in that day, I did see one going out.

My ship would come in on October 2nd, unbeknownst to me at the time, when the destination was as satisfying as my journeys, when my football team would win the grand final for the first time and I would come face to face with one of Newcastle's favourite sons, Andrew "Joey"Johns, while celebrating the win in the stands with other Shark supporters.
Andrew Johns following Jim Maloney around after the win
My ship finally coming in after years of feeling marooned;-)
My ex-cousin-in-law winning a Newcastle jersey in Brisbane
My ex-cousin-in-law is a mad Newcastle fan and when he was a teenager playing football he was a almost dead-ringer for Andrew Johns, which I would tell him all the time, so no wonder he became a Newcastle fan eventually.

Andrew "Joey"Johns
I just knew when I drove past customs on my way to Sydney and saw the Allianz building on my way out of Newcastle that this was the most comforting sign for me that I had seen in Newcastle since I got there, as I was heading to watch the Sharks play the Cowboys in the NRL semi-final at Allianz stadium in Sydney and hoping to see them win the grand final a week after that at the Olympic stadium...which they did against all odds.
A sign of victory at Allianz stadium Friday night?

Sitting in my seat on Friday hoping for a happy birthday that night
My Happiest Birthday Ever
When I got to Sydney that afternoon I was glad I took the time to visit Newcastle and "didn't let the chance go by".
Looking out from my motel room in Sydney on Thursday afternoon

I knew when I scored tickets to the new Cirque Du Soleil show at the last minute, which was playing behind the football stadium I would be sitting in the next night, that I was on a magical journey...or at least magical road-trip;-)