" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

February 14, 2016

F#ck Valentine's Day, It's Ferris Wheel Day

F#ck Valentine's Day, I'm going wheel riding instead on the 14th of Feb. 
"Valentine's Day doesn't have the fourteenth of February all to itself. 
Ferris Wheel Day is held on February 14 as well in honor of the American engineer and inventor George Ferris (born Feb 14, 1859)
The Ferris wheel was invented for the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago, 1893. 
Since then it has been a must-have part of every fair and is beloved by many."
How to Celebrate Ferris Wheel Day

Ferris Wheel Day

My ex-wife hated riding on Ferris Wheels when the kids would get her to go on them.

She would nearly s#it her pants when going on The Wheel of Brisbane and wheels like that.
One more reason I like Ferris Wheel Day instead of that other day held on the 14th of February, I guess?-) 
A rating of 4.2?! 42?-)
I prefer being off the "tunnel of love" ride myself.
Give me a Ferris Wheel any day over that ride.

February 12, 2016

Are the Owls What They Seem?

Tracey Keller's owl painting
On Australia Day I received  a comment on my post titled -
How It Feels??? Synchronistic That's How! (Part 2)
by Jean who said she represented Tracey Keller and that Tracey wanted me to get in touch with her.
Jean had obviously spotted the goldfish painting I had been using since I started writing my blog and had featured in that post.
 At first I thought it might just be a spammer trying to trick me into giving my e-mail address out to them, so I went through Tracey Keller's website contact address and asked her if it was legit.
Turned out it was and we had a few e-mail exchanges between us where Tracey said if there are any paintings of hers I would like to write about, feel free to do so.
When I told Tracey that I had a goldfish print hanging on my wall of hers that I had featured in a post about monkeys and UFOs of all things, I sent Tracey a link to the post to have a look at the print.
The UFO Monkey Puzzle
Left click to make image bigger, or on this link to go to Tracey's blog.
I said that I just happened to be reading her blog and noticed her story behind the owl painting of hers and said I wouldn't mind writing a post on the owl theme, as a guy in The United States just released a book about owls being messengers, although he seemed to be saying that these were screen memories of alien encounters probably.

Tracey seemed to think that was an interesting theory of 
Mike Clelland's, but didn't say anything more about her owl painting story one way, or the other.
I told Tracey that I had never really seen an owl close up in real life, but I find the owl stories intriguing nonetheless.
An owl at the Animal "Fun Park" on Friday that I snapped.
Fast forward to last Friday when I headed down to Byron Bay for a Shamanic conference at Starseed Gardens, and to catch a  

Daniel Pinchbeck talk on Friday night after checking in to my motel room that I had booked for two nights.
Daniel Pinchbeck  on Friday night at Somara.

Macadamia Castle and Animal Fun Park
I got down to Byron Bay a few hours early before I could check in to my motel room, so I decided to check out the new section of highway that goes from Byron Bay to Ballina while looking for a place to get a late breakfast.

I noticed a sign for the Macadamia Castle and Animal Fun Park and remembered seeing an ad in a magazine about the pancakes and all day breakfasts that they served there, so took the exit to go get some breakfast.
As I pulled into the Macadamia Castle and Animal Fun Park I wondered what I was going to do for the next few hours before going to check in to my motel and I thought, why not buy a ticket for the Animal Farm and just walk around looking at the animals, since I had never been in there before and after-all I was going to a weekend shamanic conference anyway, so why not see what the animals there had to offer me.
And while I would have to write a bigger post to cover all the animals I encountered there that day, I was surprised to stumble across the owls there and see just how haunting their eyes look in real life.
Another owl at the Animal "Fun Park" on Friday that I snapped.
And another two owls I snapped on Friday at the Animal Fun Park.
But the real weird part of the day was when I arrived early at Starseed Gardens for the Daniel Pinchbeck talk and decided to go and check out the paintings in the gallery
The Paulie Mann sticker I bought Friday night at Somara.

There were paintings and prints hanging on the wall by an artist named Paulie Mann and there was three paintings of his that I really liked, but there was one of them that I really liked called "Ascension Owl", which I ended up buying a print of to take home and frame for my wall.
Paulie Mann's "Ascension owl", top right, among other prints I bought at Somara..
I also bought Paulie Mann's "Avatara" sticker, plus a few other artists prints who's work I liked. 

 When I went to pay for my prints a young lady told me if I wanted the artist who made Ascension Owl to sign it he could, because that's the guy who is serving you now.
 So , I had a good chat to Paulie about how I really like his work and especially his Ascension Owl painting.
I then went on to tell him how a guy in The United States had written a book about owls being messengers and maybe also screen memories from an alien encounter.
Paulie told me how he was really into stuff like that and told me that while he didn't see a UFO he did once step into a green beam of light in a paddock at night, but couldn't see if anything was attached to it.
He told me some other related stories, but I can't quite remember what he said in regard to the green beam and the visions he had. 
At least now when I look at Ascension Owl I'll have a memory of buying that print off the artist that made it...and it won't be a screen memory ;-)
And if you would like to get a Tracey Keller owl print, you can buy them from her website by clicking the link below - 
And if you would like to buy any of Paulie Mann's great artwork head to his internet shop at this link -

February 11, 2016

Kev Carmody the Musical Shaman

Kev Carmody on stage at the Brisbane Powerhouse January 29th, 2016.
I had the privilege of catching one of the icons of Australian music on January 29th at the Brisbane Powerhouse, Kev Carmody.
Kev Carmody on stage at the Brisbane Powerhouse January 29th, 2016.
While I had always been a fan of Kev's music I've never managed to catch a live performance of his until January this year.
Before the show started I went over to the merchandise stand and saw Kev's new CD box set selling for $60 (4 CDs), but looking into my sorry wallet I thought I would give it a miss and buy it another time.
But  Kev had divided his show into two parts, the first part was the showing of a video of how he put the new CDs together using stuff like butter knives, gas cans, bits of wood and even chooks and a dog.
Kev's dog that was featured singing on his new album, sadly now deceased.
I was sold and decided I couldn't leave the Powerhouse without buying his new box set, and I'm glad that I did buy it, as this is some of his best work yet...and that is a big call on my part.

Oddly enough, when I saw the Siberian Husky of Kev's pictured in the book that comes with the CDs I couldn't help thinking how these dogs look like a friendly wolf.
Then I pick up the latest Big W catalogue that was in my junk mail and what should be going on sale today (February 11th) but these cushions pictured below?!
Weird, or what? 
Considering I already had included the photo of Kev's dog when I was putting this post together this week.
 Moonstruck is one of my old Kev Carmody favorites and I would often play it driving home from my day job glad to be heading home and out of that place for one more day.
Darkside is also one of my favourites, as I grew up living from my late teens in this area of the city (I still live on the fringe of that area now) and would occasionally buy chicken and chips from that shop featured in the above song.
That night at the Powerhouse listening to one of my musical heroes will always remain a special memory to me, as I think anyone who was there on the night would agree that Kev is more than a musician, he is a musical shaman taking you on a journey to examine your own soul in music and storytelling that anyone can relate to in their own hearts.
It's not only music about the injustices of the society we all live in, but viewed from different individual angles, it's music sent to heal the soul and bring hope to a world that can be very dark and self-centered at times.
If you are someone who appreciates music with a spiritual soul and conscience then I would highly recommend Kev's new CD set.
Check it out for yourself at his website where you can see a clip about the making of this new album. Just click on this link to go to his website.
Just as I was about to wind up this post a news article came through on a Facebook feed about Peter Gabriel and the healing power of music, which was what I was kind of trying to purvey here, so I'll include a link to that story here for those who are interested in reading it for yourselves - 
What's the point of music? Ask Peter Gabriel
Of course, anyone who's been following this blog would know it was a Peter Gabriel song that really got me to prick up my ears and take notice of those weird synchronicities that occur in life.  
Gabriel (Peter)
 Life is one weird mysterious road trip, that's for sure.

UPDATE: 12th February, 2016.
In regard to Steve Finnell's comment below about Jesus, here's a quote from Gandhi that sums a what I feel, as well.
And here is another song of Kev's that kind of goes with Gandhi's quote above.