" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

December 6, 2016

Goulburn: A Walk in the Park in the Home of the Big Sheep

I have wanted to stop and have a look around the town of Goulburn ever since watching Halfasheep's video below, which features the town of Goulburn in the last few minutes of that video.
Ironically, Goulburn is known as the home of the 
'Big Sheep' tourist attraction.
Probably not the 'Big Sheep's best angle 
In the town of Rockhampton in my home state of Queensland, they have a big problem with vandals stealing the testicles of the bull statues scattered around the town, so I have heard (and it wasn't me because I've never been anywhere near Rockhampton in my life).
Now, if those guys could replicate the crime at the 'Big Sheep' I would be impressed.
I'll bet those guys would have a ball trying though;-)
The best thing about the 'Big Sheep' though was it was right across the car-park from an 'Oliver's' fast food restaurant
I had never been in an 'Oliver's' before, but this was a Godsend for someone like me who was eating while on the road, even though I had just eaten a curry meat pie back down the road at Sutton Forest, when I stopped to fill my tank up and saw the pie shop.
And I had eaten some fudge back in Berrima -
Me and My Shadow Visit Berrima
But not having breakfast back in Sydney meant a pie and a few bits of fudge weren't going to do the trick, so I grabbed a salad and a juice at 'Oliver's' and it was just what the doctor ordered for my stomach and probably my health.
'Oliver's' is now on my fast food radar for when I go on future road-trips.
You can even buy books and videos off the shelf, or even on line at their on line store, which for a fast food restaurant is quite bizarre, but in a good way, I think.  
You can even buy clothes on line, if you are a shopaholic.
I noticed Russell Brand's book 'Revolution' in the centre of the bookshelf, which I heard mentioned in the Daniel Pinchbeck podcast I just listened to this morning, which I referenced in my last post -
'The Higherside Chats', Another Interesting Podcast Series for Twilight Zoners
I also noticed a doco called 'Forks Over Knives', which I see is on Netflix, so I'll give that a watch tonight on my iPad.
After filling my belly I set out to look at a church in Goulburn, before hitting the park.
You can see my photos of the inside of the church in this old post linked below -
English Qaballa and the Meaning of Life?
This park was what I had come to Goulburn to see thanks to Halfasheep's video back up at the top of the blog-post.
O.K. then , this park and the big sheep, but mainly this park.
I think Halfasheep is pretty much right about the occult (as in hidden...not sinister) nature of the park.
The four into one?-)
I noticed that in the centre of the park is a tree in the centre of a circle and four small brick pillars, which would be magical circle, even if only by accident, right?-)
My bird friends seemed to find it magical at least
There is even a greenhouse in the park and I couldn't help wondering if a green-man lived there:-)
This statue caught my eye, with it's four into one symbology and a spirit orb floating on top in the centre.
 And maybe it's just me, but if you look at the "sphere" from a certain angle it kind of looks like a Merkabah, maybe?
Merkaba Prana Sphere is the most accurate representation of the Merkaba energy field

My glass Merkabah hanging to the left of my computer screen above my desk
Opening Night at Zakay Glass Creations Gallery
The weird thing was on the day that I visited the park was I couldn't go and have a look at the bandstand, because there was some kind of art thing happening on the day.

It was called, 'Create Your Own Shadow'?!
Umm...did anyone happen to read my post about Berrima, the town I had just visited less than an hour ago on that day? 
Me and My Shadow Visit Berrima
My shadow in the main street of Berrima, N.S.W, Australia
Probabaly not, I always get the feeling that I'm just talking to a wall while writing this blog.
May as well be writing it to my shadow self, probably get some better feedback;-) 
A whale and an octopus surrounded by shark fins?!
I did take this as a good omen though being a shark supporter waiting to go back to Sydney to see my team play either the Melbourne Storm, or Canberra Raiders in just over a week's time.
I then walked over to the coffee shop pictured above and ordered a black coffee for the road, as I was heading into Canberra to meet up with my son and watch the semi-final between the Canberra Raiders and the Melbourne Storm on TV in Canberra.
The weird thing was that the guy who served me my coffee saw that I was wearing a Sharks t-shirt and started telling me that although he wasn't a Sharks supporter he hoped my team would win the grand final as his golfing buddy was Gavin Miller, one of my all time favourite Sharks players, who probably never got the accolades of players like E.T , but probably won us just as many games with his gritty performances. 
I wrote about Gavin in my 'Yesterday's Heroes' post -
Yesterday's Heroes
Gavin Miller's photo on the Cronulla club wall
It certainly is a small world, it seems.
 Rocky Hill War Memorial
I just wish I had of known about the Rocky Hill War Memorial in Goulburn, when I was down there, as I would have loved to snap some pictures from the top of it.
Oh, well. 
I guess it gives me an excuse to go back to visit Goulburn again in the future, even if my son won't be living in Canberra any longer.
Might give me a chance to check out the other towns in Halfasheep's You Tube at the top of this post.
I headed out of Goulburn thinking I couldn't possibly have any more surprises in store until I drove by a lake that wasn't there a few months ago when I drove past, Lake George, just outside of Canberra.
The “Enigmatic” Lake George Outside of Canberra
If you don't think life is strange, maybe you need to get out more?-)

'The Higherside Chats', Another Interesting Podcast Series for Twilight Zoners

Greg Carlwood has become a talent scout for conspiracy theories |330|
I caught the Skeptico podcast featuring Greg Carlwood about his podcast series 'The Higherside Chats' and then saw that 
Chris Knowles was on Greg's latest podcast, 
Lucifer’s Technology and the Donald Trump coup
so I checked out the free part of it, plus his previous podcast with Daniel Pinchbeck (well, the free part of the podcast anyway) and found them interesting in a campfire story kind of way.
Donald Trump win, initiation and the ecological crisis
I met Daniel Pinchbeck earlier this year in Byron Bay, Australia, which I wrote about here -
So, I was quite interested in hearing that podcast, although not enough to pay to hear the rest of it...sorry Greg.
I'm not one for paying for podcasts when the net is full of great free podcasts.
But for people who don't mind paying for the second half of a podcast, you might find 'The Higherside Chats' worth your money.
And I must mention that it looks like Greg has some cool t-shirts for sale at the shop linked to the podcast site, but I wouldn't let Disney see that Mickey Mouse shirt, as Disney are well known to sue at the drop of a hat...or t-shirt.
And maybe I should point out just to throw the cat among the pigeons that it looks to me that Greg has green eyes, maybe?-)
Green Eyes, a Marker of Alien Hybridity?!
Just sayin':-)

December 5, 2016


I wrote a tongue-in-cheek post recently about Michael Keaton's new movie 'Founder' where I portrayed him in a 'Birdman 2' movie as the KFC founder.
Birdman 2: The Founder?
I grabbed a beer to drink today, not an aloe vera drink like I did last time I sat by this lake
Today I decided to go to one of my favorite local cinemas and see it, but I went and grabbed a burger first (not McDonalds) and sat down by my magical lake, that I wrote about in this recent post, hoping for a Crow visit  -
Things Aren't Always What They Seem
But while some crows did fly overhead I was visited by another member of the corvid family who was being harassed by a 
willy wagtail .
I had never noticed willy wagtails around the restaurant area before, but the weird thing for me was they would keep swooping the magpies and make this clicking sound, a bit like a kid firing an empty plastic cap gun.
Are these guys magpies, or chickens?-)
I thought this was amusing, because on my last road trip in the town of Goondiwindi (a post I haven't written yet), I had a pleasant encounter with a willy wagtail, but today you would think that I was a magpie too by the way they reacted to me.
This little guy pictured above ran along the rail from the guy who turns out to be an Aldi store manager on the phone...couldn't help overhearing him...which is rather synchy, as my youngest son is an Aldi store manager in Canberra at the moment....and stops right in front of me and gives me a good blast, as if I'm as bad as the magpie.
Which is probably fair, as I really like magpies.
Then it ran off along the rail after giving me a good blasting and continued to harass the magpies.
I moved from one side of the table to the other, so I could watch the birds and my magpie friend decided to sit diagonally opposite me, but the willy wagtail kept harassing my mate and flew off to a safer area.
So I moved back to where I was sitting so I could see what was happening between the two birds without kinking my neck.
Next minute the willy wagtail flies to the wire above my head and looks like it is threatening to drop a bomb on my head, or my burger. 
While my magpie friend takes cover under a near by table.
Then a pee-wee lands on the rail in front of me and looks at me, as if to say "what's going on here then?".
I finish my meal and walk off to catch my movie thanking my magpie friend for the entertainment while half blaming Birdman for this performance. 
And I have to say that after watching the movie that what Ray Kroc did to the McDonald brothers left a bad taste in my mouth.
I'll be sticking to Grill'd for my burgers from now on, not that I ever bought much from McDonald's in the past anyway.
Now I'll have to work out if there is a shamanic type bird message in this little show that the birds put on for me this afternoon, or if it was nothing but a Kroc;-)
Willy Wagtail
"This black and white bird is well-known and loved for his cheeky, bold nature. 
They are unafraid of people; if one approaches too close to a nest, this bird will guide you away, flying and darting just out of reach. 
They will also vigorously defend their nests, their small size belying a courageous nature against opponents many times larger.
Willy Wagtail is often seen perched on the backs of feeding cattle, waiting to swoop down and catch any insects that are disturbed. 
These birds also gather loose hair for lining their nests; opportunists indeed! 
They can also be seen sitting on Crocodile’s head, darting in his mouth to catch insects, eliciting no sign of retribution from the beast. 
An example of this bird’s courage or sense of trust? 
Would you be game enough to dart in between the teeth of a smiling crocodile?"
A Kroc?-)
"Another belief is if this little character makes a clicking sound, you will know there is important news coming your way; and in some tribes it was believed this bird was a direct messenger for the Great Spirit."
Which is kind of weird, because the movie 'Founder' rolls the credits to the song 'Spirit in the Sky'.
"Norman Greenbaum has been a long-time resident of Santa Rosa, California.
He was critically injured when the car in which he was a passenger made a left turn in the path of a motorcycle on Occidental Road on March 28, 2015, killing the motorcyclist and also injuring the motorcycle passenger."
"Willie wagtail is a guide that teaches us that curiosity is a positive and wonderful trait to possess. 
It is through curiosity that we find out about the greater world around us, and as a trait, it can help us to locate more nourishing sources of energy, particularly those that make us feel good. 
It is curiosity about a stranger that can lead us to making a new friend. 
Curiosity about places can help us to find new sites to visit and new ways to create positive memories for ourselves.
There is an energy of friendliness around you at this time
(even if you are feeling quite irritable)
It may be that willie wagtail will be bringing more friends into your life, or that your friendships will become more enriching. 
At the same time, a general attitude of friendliness will be particularly nourishing at this time."