July 29, 2014

Stay Myrtle...and Carry On.

My Lemon Myrtle Soap.
I just finished reading a book called "The Voice of Intuition"  by Emily Chantiri.
I bought a copy after listening to an audio interview on 
Barry Eaton's Radio Out-There with Emily...
which you can listen to by clicking on this link -
The book is about a vivid dream Emily had one night where Emily dreamed she was in church and the priest showed her a passage in a book that said "Stay Myrtle...".
Which I thought was a sign for me to buy her book and read what Emily had to say about intuition,since I had just bought a lot of lemon myrtle products from my place of work to use around the home.
I largely agree on what Emily has to say about intuition and dream messages,but at the same time,while I did find her story interesting,I'm not into pursuing gurus like Meher Baba 
That's why dreams are sent on an individual basis,because they are meant for the individual dreaming them and not for a whole group of people to pursue also.
 Emily's insights in her book and interview are worth listening to,but I'll stick to my  
myrtle lip balm and soap over a trip to 
Myrtle Beach...unless I dream otherwise,that is. 

July 27, 2014

Koala Signs ?

I was eating some "Oz Animals" biscuits while doing some internet surfing a few days ago and I bumped my computer desk dislodging one of the many magnets I have around the metal frame of the computer desk above my computer monitor.
The magnet was one I hadn't payed too much attention to recently,and almost had forgotten it was there.
The magnet was a picture of a koala which I had bought years ago as it reminded me of a Rabi koala with some great spiritual wisdom to share.
Looking at it reminded me of some posts I wrote about koalas looking like Buddhas -
Koala Dreamtime
BUDDA-BAH...or Buddha Bear
Look At All The Happy Creatures:Looking Out My Backdoor 
I probably wouldn't have thought much more about it until I saw the biscuit I was eating at that moment was also in the shape of a koala.
There is also wombats,kangaroos,crocodiles,as well as koalas,so I thought it was a bit of a "coincidence" that I was eating a koala biscuit the same time my koala magnet would fall off the desk frame.
I looked up at the picture on my calendar for the month of July and there was a koala in the pose of the biscuit I was eating ?!
I haven't eaten these biscuits before...and probably won't again,to tell the truth.
I just bought and brought a packet home with me from work to taste what they were like.
They were OK,but not something I would really want to eat again soon.
The "Oz Animals" are made by the same company who 
make "Itsy Bitsy Bears" that I wrote about in this post - 
Itsy Bitsy (Scary ?) Bears
and they also make the face biscuits mentioned in that post.
Then when I went to brush my teeth I noticed another koala on the toothpaste packet,so I thought I had better see what Scott A King had to say about koala dreaming.
Yes,the book with a koala on the front .-)
 In Scott Alexander King's book koalas represent journeys.
"Koala represents a sacred journey that is unique for everyone.
Now is the time to start notice of your inner self,your innate connection to all the information of the Universe.
Stop looking to others for corroboration,advice or wisdom.
Take responsibility for your own life,your own path and your own destiny by listening to your heart of hearts.

Koala says that you must start your own journey;
a quest that will unlock the answers you seek from a place hidden deep within your essence.
 Kind of sounds true for me too.
And looking at the animal pictured on next months page,the dingo,is one animal sign cluster
I don't want to see .-)

July 25, 2014

From Vlad to Worse ?

I saw this headline on the front of my local paper on July 23rd,2014,and remembered back to my post about seeing the movie "Philomena" -
My Philomena Spooky Syncy Sunday
Sister Philomene Tiernan,was killed in the MH17 plane crash July 18, 2014

Oddly enough there was a Sister Philomene who was on board MH17.
Poster display outside the cinema for "In Bob We Trust".
Not only that,but Father Bob will be at the Byron Bay Writer's Festival this year and hopefully I'll get the chance to meet him.
The St.Vlad statue in the St.Lucia university grounds.
Looks like my post was strangely prophetic after all.
I just wonder if there is more to come.
Let's hope not.