" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

September 20, 2017

Who Can You Trust, if You Can't Trust Your Friends?

At the end my whale-watching post I wrote about a guy who appeared to be hoodwinked and was about to be tossed off a jetty and under an incoming whale watching vessel -
"And just when I thought there could be no more weird surprises on this whale watching trip, we were greeted with a film crew and some guy tied up and blind-folded and about to be pushed under a docking whale-watching boat by his "friends"."
Successful Whale Watching Thought Experiment...or Just a Big Coincidence?
I'd been out in the bay watching whales for most of the day, but this was truly the most bizarre thing I had seen that day.
Maybe he was just going to sing a Pink number, who knows?
The captain of the whale watching vessel couldn't believe what she was seeing either I'll bet and asked them to please go and kill your friend someplace else, as we are about to dock a bloody big boat where you are about to push your friend into".
Although she didn't say it quite like that, as I'm translating her words here.
So his "friends" led him of to safer waters...maybe?
Luckily for me by the time they had set up the shot for the cameras I was off the boat and on to the jetty for a bird's eye view for whatever these guys were going to do to their friend.
I had no idea whether these guys were Freemasons, Christians baptizing a new member into their weird church, or maybe both.
I noticed that there was something tied around his waist like a cable tow.
When the cameras had stopped rolling I yelled down to them and asked them what the film was for.
They told me they were making a motivational film about trust, which they screen to high school kids around the area.
The blindfolded guy was meant to think that he was going bungee jumping...hence the rope tied around his waist...which probably would have left him with a broken back if he was really going to do a bungee jump with the rope tied like that.
The night before they told me that they put him on stage at a real stand-up comedy club blindfolded.
Who needs enemies I say.
I saw the film crew's van when I was walking back to my car and decided to look them up on the net when I got home.
I got a kick out of their website when I saw that they were based in the suburb of Deception Bay.
Sounds kind of appropriate from what I had seen from them on Monday down by the bay.
Well, it looks like Motivational Media make some interesting films and presentations, but if it's one thing they taught me on Monday is when it comes to trusting people that there is only one person in this world you can really trust and that's yourself and don't be hoodwinked by your "friends" either.
Keep your eyes open at all times or you might end up under a whale watching vessel and sleeping with the fishes.
And on the subject of "motivational media" I found Tracey Spicer's Redcliffe walk of fame frame.
Apart from the Acid on the Road I Had a Good Trip
I also came across Mel Gibson's Redcliffe walk of fame frame, which I thought was a good sign, since I was wearing my 'Signs' watch that day.
Stop the Clocks? Signs? 

WTF!? Mexico Hit by 7.1-Magnitude Earthquake on Anniversary of Deadly 1985 Quake?

Is that a 9/11 Porsche with a fallen tower on it
Mexico rocked by 7.1-magnitude earthquake on anniversary of deadly 1985 quake
I wrote about the reversed Hermit card (9/11) of the tarot in my last post -
Bigger Than 9/11: The "Hermit Kingdom" Reversed?
and then see a breaking news story of an earthquake hitting Mexico on the anniversary of the deadliest
Mexican earthquake of September 19th, 1985.
And one of the first images I see is what looks like to be maybe a 9/11 Porsche with a brick tower structure on top of it.
I feel so sorry for all of the people in Mexico and the Mexican Gulf region right now, it must be hell on earth over there with the earthquakes and hurricanes hitting that region.
The world is in a weird place place at the moment.
It's got to make you wonder what's coming next.

Bigger Than 9/11: The "Hermit Kingdom" Reversed?

I'm not a tarot card reader, but I find it rather appropriate at this point in time that the Hermit Card is #9 in the major trumps of the tarot and if you flip it upside down (or in reversed position, as tarot card readers like to say) it appears as an 11 in Roman numeral form.
The Empire never ended, as PKDick would tell you.
The Hermit Kingdom is also the name that North Korea is known as throughout the western world and others.
"The term hermit kingdom can be used to refer to any country, organization or society which willfully walls itself off, either metaphorically or physically, from the rest of the world - but is particularly associated with North Korea.
Korea in the age of Joseon dynasty was the subject of the first use of the term, in William Elliot Griffis' 1882 book Corea: The Hermit Nation, and Korea was frequently described as a hermit kingdom until 1905 when it became a protectorate of Japan.
The term is still commonplace throughout Korea and it is often used by Koreans themselves to describe pre-modern Korea.
Today, the term is often applied to North Korea in news media, and in 2009 it was used by United States former
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton."
It's Not a Hermit Kingdom, and 4 Other Myths About North Korea
"The man credited with saving the world from nuclear disaster during the Cold War has died in Moscow aged 77.
Stanislav Petrov was a Soviet officer on duty the night of 

September 26, 1983, when an early warning system flashed a warning that the US had launched missiles against the USSR.
Petrov, from a secret command centre outside Moscow, could have immediately instigated a retaliation with a phone call.
Instead, the then 44-year-old lieutenant colonel trusted his gut, which told him it was it was merely a system malfunction. And after five nerve-wracking minutes, he made a decision that may have prevented a nuclear war.
He turned out to be right. The false alarm was apparently triggered when the Soviet satellite
mistook the sun's reflection off the tops of clouds for a missile launch.
Petrov died in May, but the news has only just come out after a German filmmaker tried to call him this month for his birthday.
The Day of the Sun!?
Day of the Sun Celebration in North Korea | VICE on HBO
Hmm...Trump and the Hermit Trump card?
I guess the cards are on the table ironically enough, it just depends what you make of it all.
Personally, I think the world is at the mercy of two of the biggest fools the world has seen for a long time.
"When the first card in a spread is the reversed Fool, then the querant must be warned against embarking on a journey that is unwise or unhealthy for them.
They really need to give much thought to what they are about to do or may have already started doing.
The Fool reversed suggests that you are longing to be free but responsibilities and commitments weigh you down.
You may feel trapped and come up with some hair brained ideas to find a way out of duty.
 When The Fool is reversed, now is not the time for spontaneity and freedom.
You must finish what you have started and deal with your responsibilities before you can safely move on.
 Poor timing is often evident when The Fool is reversed.
 His presence may suggest that it is time to grow up and face up to your responsibilities regardless of how tedious they may seem.
 Time to come down to earth with a bang."